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Good health and wellness includes both physical and psychological health. I’ve included links to assist you along your path.

www.nikken.com/wilkins – Wellness products

www.evinshawnpersonaltraining.com – Personal Training

www.findingyourlifepath.com – Spiritual health

Nikken and Autism. One mother’s testimony:

The full story:

MIA’s story

When Mia was born in 1997, she had a ventricular sepal defect, which is a hole in her heart. By age 3 she still could not talk. However, since we lived in a multilingual town, most children her age were slow to speak. As a result, we were not particularly concerned.

But by the time she was about to attend kindergarten, she still did not speak, except whisper to us, her parents, and she was extremely shy even with us.

When she would sleep, she would flip-flop around in the bed
like a fish and therefore would not get any meaningful rest. She also would grind her teeth horribly while sleeping.

Though she constantly ate, she was always underweight and suffered from severe stomach pains. Mia was always terrified of animals and would refuse to go outside when she saw any animal.

She was also terrified of getting dirty so she would run to the shower if she thought she had a spot of dirt on her.

When Mia started kindergarten, she still would not speak to anyone, even the teacher. Every day Mia would return home from school with such anxiety that she would literally kick holes in her bedroom wall, physically attack her sisters and brothers, and lay in a fetal position and just scream for hours. She eventually started seeing a series of psychiatrists.

Mia was diagnosed with various forms of autism: selective
mutism, ashbergers, & ADHD. She went through many drugs including Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Ritalin, and then others to counteract the side effects of these drugs.

In addition to all of this, she was also diagnosed with
enamel dysphasia, which means that there is no enamel on the teeth. So now, not only did she grind her teeth in her sleep but she also had no enamel to protect them. Throughout kindergarten Mia could not speak, read, or write, or do basic math.

By the end of kindergarten, an iridologist put Mia on a vitamin program. Her anxiety eased up and she began to whisper to other kids.

In first grade, the medical doctors were still not making any progress with her. Academically she was making no progress either. Towards the end of the school year, I attended a Nikken wellness presentation because I was interested in the water and was talked into taking home a sleep system.

I was not interested in the sleep system so I put it on
Mia’s bed. Immediately that night she slept like a log, did not flip-flop around, and did not grind her teeth for the first time ever in her life.

The next day Mia’s teacher called me crying and informed me that Mia just stood up in front of the class and read a book out loud!

I immediately bought Mia an entire sleep system and noticed a complete transformation in my daughter! Mia could now speak, read, write, do math, and maintain average grades in school. She stopped being aggressive towards her siblings, stopped having anxiety attacks, stopped having severe stomach pain, and she now loves to play in the dirt and loves to play with any kind of animal. This literally happened overnight!

In the first few weeks following this transformation, if she ever spent the night off the sleep system, most of her symptoms would immediately return. After several months, we could go out of town for a couple of days without the sleep system and only then, would her symptoms return.

Now she can go weeks without her sleep system (while traveling such as our frequent hurricane evacuations or camping trips) before showing mild symptoms. For example, she will become what is perceived by others to be extreme shyness, have difficulty reading and writing, have anxiety, and not get along with her siblings.

Mia also drinks nothing but Optimized water. She recognizes how good it makes her feel and will turn down other forms of water. She also drinks Kenzen shakes; she takes Lactoferin Gold, and takes shots of the Jade Green Zymes. On a side note, her siblings absolutely crave the Jade too.

I believe that Nikken’s Wellness Home Technologies balanced Mia’s energy profoundly and immediately. The synergistic effect of the nutritionals, water, and sleep system has made her a completely normal and healthy person.

All of this without the use of drugs! Even her doctors are amazed.


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