Thanks for visiting my wellness page! My name is Evin Wilkins and I am a Wellness Consultant. I meet with clients to teach them how to set up wellness homes and how to have and keep a healthy body.

What does a Wellness Consultant do exactly? That’s easy…we educate!

Wellness is defined by Suzannah Kenton “as more than just the absence of disease. It’s a state of feeling fully alive. With wellness as our foundation, we have the energy and strength we need to overcome challenges, fulfill our dreams and ambitions and enjoy life to the fullest”.

Both my wife and I are currently building a wellness home to live our lives as healthy as possible. This includes natural, safe and non-toxic cleaning products, a magnetic sleep system (http://www.nikken.com/product/technology/kenko-sleep/) for better sleep and health, organic foods and supplements, and water filter through a PiMag http://www.nikken.com/product/technology/piMag-water/) system.

The 5 Pillars of Health are our guidance (http://www.nikken.com/company/5-pillars-health/). I can help them guide you, along with tips from my free health tips blog.

Create a life of wellness for both you AND your family.




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