Got Stress?

My message for the day is to try meditation, especially if you’ve never done it. Try it for just 5 minutes. Find a nice, quiet, dark space and shut your eyes. Listen to soft music or just focus on your breathing…in, out, in, out. Feel each breath. It’s okay if your mind wanders. When you become aware of it wandering, simply take your attention back to each breath.

I believe many beginners think they are doing something wrong when their minds wander, or try to delve into an hour long meditation and wonder why it’s not working well for them. Focus on each breath, starting only 5 minutes a day. Another option is to buy a guided meditation. These might be longer than 5 minutes, but might also be effective.

Either way and whichever option you choose, just try it. You’ll be glad you did and I guarantee your stress levels will decrease and each time you DO suffer stress, it will be easier to handle. Always remember to breathe!


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