Flourescent Lighting and Health

Did you know that flourescent lighting can be bad for your health? It’s true. We oftentimes think we are safe and tucked away inside when we aren’t out in the sun. This is not necessarily true.

Many flourescent lights flicker, but this goes unnoticed in most instances. The flickering is extremely problematic for some individuals with autism, those prone to seizures, lupus, chronic fatigure syndrome, migraines, Lyme disease and vertigo. Some flourescent lights expose those using them to ultraviolet radiation risk.

Exposure to these lights obviously cannot be completely eliminated due to the high usage of them however, we CAN make changes within our homes.

Lights such as Nikken’s KenkoLight (http://nettrax.myvoffice.com/nikkenusa/ShoppingCart/Shop.cfm?CurrPage=FrontPage&NextPage=CategoryDetail&CategoryID=580&pid=28222974570410973) can protect you from the ill effects of flourescent lightening, not to mention, putting your body on a natural rhythm (something that flourescent lighting cannot do). We’ll discuss that in another article however, keep your family safe. It’s the things we don’t think about, that can matter.

Research the various brands of the indoor lighting you use in your home. It’s small changes such as this, that can have a huge impact on your health in the future.


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