Exercise and Injury

Injury is one of the main reasons people give up exercise…especially beginners. I’ve always been shocked to see someone new to exercise, out trying to run a couple of miles or really “putting it to the grind” so to speak. Doing this is only setting yourself up for injury and a dusty treadmill.

The biggest rule and advice I can give you is to START OUT SLOWLY!!!! Mount Rushmore wasn’t created overnight and neither is a fit body. Trust me on this…you WILL burn calories even by starting out with only a 20 minute walk. Think about it…if you haven’t included exercise in your routine or don’t have an active job, your body isn’t used to burning many calories. As a result, ANY form of exercise is going to immediately start burning calories and you will see results.

Make sense? I thought so. Now get out and move!

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Pain Can Destroy a Life

But it doesn’t have to:


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Sports Drinks or Water

Ever find yourself wondering whether you should be drinking sports drinks or water during and/or after a workout? We’ve all seen the television commercials where famous athletes are drinking sports drinks and it can often confuse people.

Let me start by saying that sports drinks contain calories. More often that not, unless you are training for something like a marathon, or riding your bicycle long distances, you do not need a sports drink…water is more than sufficient in hydrating your body. In other words, you are burning calories, but you are also taking them in if you drink sports drinks. Water of course is not only nourishing, but calorie free.

Another thing to keep in mind is the sugar content of most sports drinks. Drinks containing sugar will of course cause you more pain while in the dentist chair not to mention, provide your body with simple carbs that are not good for you.

Lastly, ensure your water is alkaline and not acidic. Not certain? Shop around and find a water bottle or home water system that contains a good filter, providing you and your family with alkaline water. They cost more, but are much better for your body. Not all filters are created equal, so do your research on this one.

Hopefully this helps you in the great sports drink/water debate!

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Got Stress?

My message for the day is to try meditation, especially if you’ve never done it. Try it for just 5 minutes. Find a nice, quiet, dark space and shut your eyes. Listen to soft music or just focus on your breathing…in, out, in, out. Feel each breath. It’s okay if your mind wanders. When you become aware of it wandering, simply take your attention back to each breath.

I believe many beginners think they are doing something wrong when their minds wander, or try to delve into an hour long meditation and wonder why it’s not working well for them. Focus on each breath, starting only 5 minutes a day. Another option is to buy a guided meditation. These might be longer than 5 minutes, but might also be effective.

Either way and whichever option you choose, just try it. You’ll be glad you did and I guarantee your stress levels will decrease and each time you DO suffer stress, it will be easier to handle. Always remember to breathe!

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Join the Revolution

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Flourescent Lighting and Health

Did you know that flourescent lighting can be bad for your health? It’s true. We oftentimes think we are safe and tucked away inside when we aren’t out in the sun. This is not necessarily true.

Many flourescent lights flicker, but this goes unnoticed in most instances. The flickering is extremely problematic for some individuals with autism, those prone to seizures, lupus, chronic fatigure syndrome, migraines, Lyme disease and vertigo. Some flourescent lights expose those using them to ultraviolet radiation risk.

Exposure to these lights obviously cannot be completely eliminated due to the high usage of them however, we CAN make changes within our homes.

Lights such as Nikken’s KenkoLight (http://nettrax.myvoffice.com/nikkenusa/ShoppingCart/Shop.cfm?CurrPage=FrontPage&NextPage=CategoryDetail&CategoryID=580&pid=28222974570410973) can protect you from the ill effects of flourescent lightening, not to mention, putting your body on a natural rhythm (something that flourescent lighting cannot do). We’ll discuss that in another article however, keep your family safe. It’s the things we don’t think about, that can matter.

Research the various brands of the indoor lighting you use in your home. It’s small changes such as this, that can have a huge impact on your health in the future.

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Need Motivation?

Watch this:

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